Breast Cancer Symptoms


Breast Cancer

What is Cancer?

Before we delve into breast cancer, why don’t we have a quick read at what is CANCER?

Malignant or Malignant Neoplasm, or better known as cancer is a group of diseases which involves abnormal cells grow with the ability to spread through all parts of the body. There are as of now, over 100 different cancers that have affected humans.

What Is A Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer, is a type of cancer which spreads itself through the breast tissues.

Usually, risks which leads to cancer are;

  1. Female Sex
  2. Obesity
  3. Lack of exercise
  4. Drinking alcohol
  5. Early menstruation
  6. Having children late
  7. Family Heredity
  8. Aging.

Survival rate at The United States Of America and The United Kingdom Stands at a high 80-90%, not so the case with the under-developed countries though, standing at 41-50%, meaning half or less than half infected do survive.

Obviously cancer is a very cerebral disease, one which takes away not just your life, but your hope, induce in you pains and sufferings. Then again, how can you know you are safe? How can you identify whether you are carrying a breast cancer with you?

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Here, we list you some symptoms that helps in determining whether you are infected with breast cancer.

  • The first symptoms usually with breast cancer affected people is a lump or a thickened tissue on the breast. Although, not all lumps (90%) are cancerous, it is recommended you pay a visit to a doctor, just in case.
  • There may also be a discharge from your nipples, usually of blood, if you notice such, quickly have your doctor check that for you, at first sight.!
  • Also, don’t ignore swelling or a lump under your armpits, it’s advisable you get yourself checked out.
  • If any of your breast, you notice a change in size, perhaps one bigger than the other, you immediately have a doctor conduct a check on you. It usually increases one in size, reflecting one of your breast may be affected, or in danger of being affected with breast cancer.
  • Although, a rash around one or both of your nipples is usually not a suprising story, it’s worth having a doctor giving you the green lights first before you choose to ignore it.
  • Any change in the appearance of your breast, it’s recommended you stop breast-feeding (albeit, if you do breast feed your child) and have the doctor check you out.
  • Skin irritation around the tip of the nipple, is also another symptoms of breast cancer.
  • Also if the dark area breast starts getting reddish or pinky, that’s another symptoms and you are recommended to pay the doctor a visit for a check.

Your doctor may request to do some checks on you, some of them may include;

Breast exam

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MRI Scan

PET Scan

Your doctor might do some checks not listed above but they are all breast cancer approved diagnosis.

The breast cancer involves stages from 0-IV. With IV the last stage where it has spread to the tumors, lungs, liver etc. Knowing the stages of your cancer is an important way of determining how to treat it effectively.

    1. STAGE 0: The cancer is contained in the milk ducts, or the nipple.
    2. STAGE I: 2 Centimetres of tumor has been formed and has not yet spread to the parts of the body.
    3. STAGE II: The cancer is developing, but has not yet gone beyond the lymph nod.
    4. STAGE III: The cancer has bypassed the lymph nodes and muscles but it has still not spread to other parts of the body yet.
    5. STAGE IV/FINAL STAGE: The bones, lungs, liver have already been infected with the disease. The stage is also called metastatic breast cancer.
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