How To Sell On Amazon In Three Easy Simple Steps


Sell on Amazon

Firstly, Amazon marketplace provides you with an opportunity to market products (not only books however a multitude of things) on the very same page on Amazon’s site where Amazon sell physical products themselves. So you could compete with them head-on, and also get to compete with them on cost. Price tags are fixed – Amazon marketplace is not an auction. You could list a limitless number of products for free however a referral fee is charged on every sale. Amazon Marketplace is for both new and used products

It is easy to begin with Amazon. Selling on Amazon is straightforward and after you have listed a few products, you be thinking why didn’t you try do this earlier. It also gives you double exposure for the products you’ve spent your time sourcing. Selling on Amazon marketplace is not too difficult, It’s the just like all other e-commerce websites – buy low and sell high. It is really as easy as that.

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Among the common questions individuals inquire about selling on Amazon market as well as other platforms is the amount of money they should make on every product they sell – that’s your choice, you only need to make a good profit after your product costs are taken out. You could sell a product and make lots of money, or you could sell lots of small products and make little amounts.

Here are the three simple steps to sell on Amazon

The First Step, Open An Account With Amazon

You should register a seller account, if you’re just getting started open a basic amazon account and after you have started to sell 40 products every month change the account to pro-seller account – there are main reasons why you should do this and the break-even quantity is 40 products. Opening an Amazon account is very simple and if you’ve a purchasing account it’s as easy as a few clicks.

The Second Part, Source For Items

You’re now able to sell on the amazon site, and just like eBay it’s recommended that you play around on the website by selling DVD’s, books, CD’s that you have in your home. So long as the item includes a bar code you could sell new. If you’re selling toys they need to be either old or new.

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Lastly, List like crazy

There are many ways about how to list on Amazon marketplace, the easy way is always to go to item web page on Amazon and on your left side screen you’ll see a button “Sell Yours Here”, click on this, provide the details it requests, put the price you like (right here it also lets you know the lowest and highest price, items sales rank etc.), click the submit button and it will tell you the amount of money you will make, if you are pleased, click again and the product will be listed on Amazon website. Then, Amazon will show you the summary of the listing to examine and also verify what their charges will be when the product sells.

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