Your Guide to Making Money With Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a term you will hear a lot when you start learning about marketing online. Most seasoned internet marketers and webmasters know how it works and how to be a successful affiliate. However as a new online marketer this term may be unfamiliar and as such you have little idea what they are talking about, let alone how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you sell or get leads for another merchants product or service. When a merchant needs help to get sales he will find, especially for “hot” products, that he will have more than ample affiliates willing to help him sell it. All you have to do is sign up as an affiliate to be paid a commission or a flat rate rate per lead or sale. The rate of commission can vary greatly from a small percentage up to 100% of the selling price.

How to make money with affiliate marketing.

A decent income can be achieved in a number of ways. Some affiliates use a website, others a blog, newsletter, emails, ads etc. A lot of affiliates use a website or blog to promote products and/or services because they can easily collect email details for the further follow up of people interested in what they are promoting. It also allows them to add their personal unique content and to eventually become an expert in their chosen niche market. You will also notice that most successful affiliates use a domain name relevant to what they are selling.

Here is how you can make money online with these 4 tips:

1. Decide your product/service niche

Affiliate marketers help companies and entrepreneurs sell everything from jewelry and cell phones to website services and how-to e-books. Choose an area you’re familiar with or one you’re enthusiastic about learning. You’ll be more likely to do the work and less likely to get bored before the money starts rolling in.

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After you have selected a suitable affiliate product to promote you will need to find some good keywords. Some merchants now provide lots of tools for their affiliates which include relevant keywords.

2. Create a website or blog

To start as an affiliate marketer, you must have a site on which to place links to the products or services you recommend. There are many inexpensive website services such as GoDaddy and Hostgator. It is also easy to set up a free blog through services such as Google’s Blogger blog network.

A blog is easier to update and is more search engine friendly so my preference is to go for a blog. Some affiliates just use a simple squeeze page to collect email details on the way through to the merchants sales page. Add some content to your website or blog and embed your affiliate links in the text and pictures.

3. Find products and services to promote

Many affiliate networks exist to connect merchants with affiliate site publishers who can help sell their goods. Companies such as:

  • Google AdSense, which doesn’t require your involvement to result in a sale. Your income is realized on a pay-per-click basis, just for leading your traffic to click to a merchant’s site. PPC affiliate programs pay a lot less than programs where your referral must result in a sale. Keep in mind that a site peppered with ads and no authority or trust can look and feel like spam, and you won’t get good results.
  • Clickbank and PayDotCom lead the pack in connecting the creators of e-books and software with affiliates to help sell their digital download products.
  • Bingads, Bing and Yahoo does not cost as much as with Google. Many advertisers say that taking Google as their host for paid search is a complete campaign suicide, mainly because of their high costs. Relevant keywords being bid with Bing and Yahoo do not cost as much as $2 to $5 per click as with Google. For instance, one of the most expensive keywords in Google includes  “loans,” “insurance,” “mortgage,” which usually ranges from $25 to $50 per click. So, if you promote an affiliate about loans and need to bid on “house loans” keyword, a business can pay as much as $3500 a month for that particular keyword alone with Google. However, Bing and Yahoo give much more reasonable prices. They have the lowest cost per click, even with the most expensive keywords in AdWords that normally ranges from $0.10 to $2, but still lands in the first pages. More so, they offer long-tail keywords of four or more words, but still at a very reasonable price bid.
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4. Affiliate websites must attract a lot of targeted traffic to succeed

Most people visiting your website or blog won’t click your affiliate links. That’s why it’s crucial to employ a mix of marketing tactics to increase traffic–highly targeted traffic–to your site.

There are different ways to get more site exposure and attract more potential customers such as;

  • Paid Advertising- This is most effective when your ad copy headline, call-to-action message and graphics come together just right to compel people to click through and buy.
  • Free Advertising With SEO- Optimising your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great idea. Some blogs already have this built in to a certain extent. This is where your keywords come in handy because if you can optimize your site for some good keywords it will help get you to the top of the search engines ranking a lot faster. You can either learn how to do this yourself or hire an SEO expert.
  • Article Marketing- This popular marketing method offers several benefits. Ezinearticles is a great place to begin! Writing unique articles about the market you are promoting and submitting them to high ranking article directories will bring some targeted traffic to your website from the link you place in the resource box of your articles. They will also add back links to your site which will also help you rank higher in the search engine results for your targeted keywords.
  • E-mail Marketing- Every visitor to your site is valuable, so capturing their names and e-mail addresses to stay in touch is important. So it’s crucial to place an opt-in subscription box on your website sidebar for your website visitor to start receiving a weekly or monthly newsletter from you. My personal favorite is Mail chimp, but many quality ones exist.
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Like most internet marketing, affiliate marketing rarely makes you money over night but if you build up you site by adding content regularly and not give up, you will eventually make money selling affiliate products.



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