How To Make Money With Webinars


make Money with Webinars

In today’s times, webinars are becoming more and more popular as a way to make money. This is due to them being powerful tools to build a large list of followers to your business. To make money with webinars, you will need to have a basic understanding on how they work.

Another name for webinars is online web presentations. It is exactly how it sounds, conducting live meetings or giving presentations over the web. Because you are conducting webinars over the Internet, you have the ability to reach people worldwide. This can really skyrocket your business and sales if done correctly.

Running a webinar is fairly simple. It is important to understand that you are the one in control of the meeting. Through a webinar, you can allow your participants to ask questions either through voice or typing them out. Webinars are a great way for your prospects to get involved and get their questions answered in real time.

To run a successful webinar, there are some steps to follow.

Yes there is. By following these tips, you will make money with webinars.

Topic Selection

You can run a webinar on just about anything. However, you do want to be fluent in the topic you choose. After all, you are advertising your business so talk about things you know. Present on your business, clients, advertising, network marketing etc. Remember, this list is as limitless as your talents.

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Once you decide on the topic, you will need to market it so people will attend. I’ve seen the best webinars completely unattended due to poor marketing; don’t let this happen to you. The easiest way to do this is via the social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, your blog, and through email blasts. Another excellent way to promote is by posting on topic related forums.


One sure fire way to ensure and increase your webinar attendance is to offer them something of value for attending. They should know it’s free and they will only receive it at the end of the presentation.

The Presentation

You want to keep the attention of your audience. If you choose a power point, make sure you use bullet points, graphs and statistics to hook their focus. Keep the delivery upbeat, energetic and engaging. Never use power point slides that have paragraphs. If you are using the teleseminar to introduce a new product or lie, show them how much they need it!

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Always know in advance what you will be saying. Note cards, prompts and practice are the rule. You don’t want to appear to be fumbling around, you want to be and look as professional as you can while staying on task.

The closing

After presenting, you’ll want to give your webinar participants the opportunity to ask questions. In addition, you will absolutely want to exchange contact information and perhaps you might want to give your business a plug. By now, your audience will trust you so; don’t come on too strong with the sales pitch. You want everyone to feel as if they received something for attending.

These six easy tips should be your guide to running a successful conference. As you prepare, keep in mind that success at this will mean increased sales, profits and sign ups; if you are making money with webinars you’re in business to make profits.

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