8 Simple Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Beg you To Do It


Its very clear that the main of most guys in relationship with ladies after spending so much for her is to get in between her legs. Now, Have you been looking for ways to make your girlfriend/ wife beg desperately to have a sweeter bedroom experience with you? Well, you just saw the right article courtesy of TipsVibe.com. Read them below

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 1. Now, the first thing that attracts women is your physical appearance: Here are some indicators to make sure you are looking your best at all times. If you follow these steps, I tell you, your girlfriend will think Christmas will come early due to her newly well groomed boyfriend!
(A) You may think this is funny but I’m serious. Make sure your teeth and tongue are clean by brushing them twice a day. Preferably, use dental floss and mouthwash also. The results will be lovely white teeth, and besides, who would want to kiss someone with yellow, unclean teeth and a dirty tongue?
(B) Well kept skin will look glowing and healthy if you take care of it. This can be achieved by washing your face daily with a face wash to keep spots at bay. Drink more water. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Mostly if you are prone to breakouts or have acne.
(C) This is my favorite part. Eat healthy and exercise when possible to achieve or maintain a healthy body. Make sure your toenails and fingernails are clean, not grubby. Also groom body hair such as trimming, shaving or waxing your chest and trimming your groin.
(D) Make sure you keep your hair healthy by getting regular trims to stop it from being damaged. Also, if you have eyebrows that meet or are extremely close, consider getting them subtly waxed so you look nice and groomed.
(E) Take care of your facial hair, by shaving or trimming- whichever you prefer.
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