Ghen! Ghen! A man bought a double-barreled gun and fired his children to prove a point (See Reason)


Mr Adams had six wives. Each of the wives had a minimum of five children. Years ago, Mr Adams was wealthy. He lavished his wealth on his family. However, there was always some misunderstanding in the family, as expected in a polygamous family. To make matters worse, Mr Adams did not have the skills in managing a large family. He did not use the same rules on members of his family. He was either favoring one child or discriminating against another. Distrust, hatred, quarrels, fights, and even deaths occurred frequently in his household.

Mr Adams swam in wealth but was not good with managing resources. It was not surprising that he soon ran into hard times. Things became worse. The available funds were insufficient to take care of the needs of the household. That heightened the frustration in the household and led to more friction and tension.

One of the children, Peter, protested that he and the children of this mother were not being treated fairly. Mr Adams ignored him. Peter’s voice rose and he became caustic. His father locked him up and refused all entreaties and advice by elders to release him or even look into his complaints. Each day Peter stayed in detention, sympathies grew in his favour. Even his brothers who never liked his words and agitations began to have sympathies for him and his message. Eventually, Mr Adams released his son on a temporary basis.

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Peter and some of his siblings continued with the agitations, insisting that they were tired of remaining in Mr Adams’ household and wanted to move out and run their own household. Mr Adams tolerated the taunts and agitations for a while. Then, he decided to show the agitating children his might and what he was capable of doing. He bought a double-barrelled gun and took it to the quarters of Peter and his siblings. He believed that if he walked around their quarters with the gun, they would know that he had the power and seriousness to deal with them if they crossed the “red line”.

Surprisingly, the more he displayed his gun and shot into the air to prove that indeed there were bullets in the gun, the more Peter and his siblings dared him. Peter called him names, daring him to do his worst.

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Mr Adams could no longer take this insult and unruliness. How dare these little children insult him and question his authority? He believed that if he allowed this to continue, other children of his would copy this and turn his house into a mad house. So, he aimed his gun at the children and fired. Two of his children lay dead.

If you were to react to this matter, what would you say? Would you commend Mr Adams for teaching his children a lesson to save further spread of the unruliness in his household? Would you tell Peter and his siblings that they got what they asked for?

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