Photos: Young Man Strips N*ked, Sets Trousers On Fire At Petrol Station


A young man left observers completely dumbfounded after stripping himself n*ked and setting fire to his trousers.

Photos have shown the truly bizarre moment a man stripped n*de, dancef around waving his p*nis and tried to set himself on fire.

Crazy CCTV footage shows the man take off his top, pour petrol all over his joggers, set them alight and then pull the burning trousers down.

He then shuffles around the forecourts wiggling his willy and performing some kind of strange chicken dance.

The bloke then grabs another pump and appears to try to douse his bare legs in petrol.

Pals have insisted he was drunk and “did it for a laugh”.

A brave worker comes out and sprays the flasher with a fire extinguisher.

But the lad just tries to pour more fuel on himself and relight the fire.

A tense stand off unfolds with the petrol station attendant spraying the chap – only for him to cover himself in more petrol.

When police arrive the bloke appears to hold the lighter up to the petrol pump – before he is wrestled to the ground.

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According to Daily Star UK, the drama unfolded at a Shell petrol station in Hunslet, on the outskirts of Leeds, West Yorks., at about 2am last month.

Jamie Peacock, 24, who is friends with the n*ked lad and was there at the time, said they went in to buy some fags after a night on the beers when he just pulled out the pump and started messing around.

He told Daily Star Online: “I just think he was doing it for a laugh, to show off like, not to harm himself.

“He’s renowned for doing stupid stuff like this.”

He added: “I told him to be careful otherwise he’d have set his bush [pubes] on fire.

“He needs to get it chopped off. I thought it was just hilarious.

“I couldn’t believe it when he went full starkers.”

Police arrested the man – but he was later released without charge.

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