After reading this, you will never shake hands again: 8 Diseases Contracted Through Handshake.


Most of us have the habit of shaking hands when we meet someone new. And when you are with friends, you would love to give a high-five whenever you feel thrilled.

Actually, Indians are accustomed to fold hands when they have to greet someone. And now, researchers say that folding hands is much healthier than shaking hands?

Listed below are diseases that spread from shaking hands are:

1. A new study now warns against shaking hands. A handshake is a good gesture when you meet someone new. But it could turn into a health hazard, say researchers.

2. A new study now warns against shaking hands! Well, a handshake is a good gesture when you meet someone new. But it could turn into a health hazard, say researchers.

3. We all know how much the world health organisation stresses on washing hands and maintaining hand hygiene. In fact, statistics claim that maintaining hand hygiene could prevent a percentage of diarrhea deaths every year.

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4. Again a survey reveals that a majority of people do not spend enough time washing their hands thoroughly after touching dirty objects, after toilet, after nose picking, after sneezing, cooking or using public transport.

5. A dirty hand is a carrier of many types of microbes which can get transferred to others during a handshake. Yes, even salmonella can be transferred through a handshake.

6. What else can dirty hands do? Cold, flu, chicken pox and a lot of other infections can start off from a simple hand shake especially if the hands of the other person contain disease-causing microbes.

7. When researchers randomly walked into a local train and chose volunteers for a hand-swab test, they realised that 20% of them had fecal bacteria on their hands! Of course, it doesn’t mean that they will all spread infections. Some microbes survive for long whereas some die or become incapable of causing infections. It all depends upon various factors.

8. Apart from handshakes, what else could spread infections? Well, touching your friend’s mobile phone! Even they carry lots of bugs that can potentially harm your health. Anyway, it all boils down to keeping your hands clean and reducing handshakes.

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These are the diseases that can be spread from shaking hands.

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